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The lazy persons guide to healthier eating!

Can you be lazy and healthy at the same time?

Well, I guess that depends on your definition of lazy!

I’ve embraced the lazy this summer; partially because I’m still getting used to our new living situation and especially cooking in a kitchen that isn’t “mine”. It’s a weird feeling, wanting to get in the kitchen because I love cooking and baking, but feeling like it isn’t my space to use; therefor I’m not overly inspired or really wanting to spend a ton of time there. That being said, I’m the main cook in our family, so I’m working at getting over those feelings and making the best out of the kitchen I have (which is really fantastic, my father in law used to be the cook of the family and he’s made sure to have all the things you would want or need in this kitchen), but for the time being, I'm embracing lazy cooking!

Okay, enough of my rambling, onto healthier options so that you can embrace your laziness!

Hack #1: ADD instead of SUBTRACT.

Instead of worrying about what you shouldn’t be eating, focus on what you can add to your plate to bump up the health. Add veggies to everything! Hack #2 will make this hack a heckuvalot easier to follow through with, so make sure you check that one out too!

A few of my favourite ways to add veggies are:

-adding spinach to absolutely everything. I beef up my salads with it, I put it in spaghetti, smoothies, and it’s added to all of my plates. My son will eat raw spinach any time as well, he loves it!

-putting the container of pre chopped veggies on the table for everyone to grab a handful or two to add to their plate.

Hack #2: Pre chop your veggies.

Seriously, do it. It takes 10 minutes to chop up a bunch of veggies and you’ll be more likely to eat them because you’ve already done the hard work. This hack is fantastic when you have kids as well, because when they inevitably come to you saying that they’re hungry, you can direct them to the pre cut veggies for a snack!

Pro tip: if they say they don’t want veggies/fruit, remind them that if they’re not hungry enough for those options, they’re not hungry enough for a cookie ;) (feel free to use this trick on yourself when you're feeling snacky!)

Alternative to hack #2: Buy pre washed/chopped veggies.

This will save you even more time! Pick up a tray of veggies and dip to keep in your fridge for easy veggie access. I always buy pre-washed spinach because I am way to lazy to wash every single leaf; instead, I open the container and grab a handful or two and…

Hack #3: Buy frozen fruit and veg.

Reheat and you’ve got yourself veggies ready to go! This is a fantastic budget friendly option as well, as frozen is usually cheaper than fresh!

Big ass salad with spinach, green leaf lettuce, bell peppers, red onion, cucumbers, falafel, veggie spring rolls, and a homemade garlicky dressing!

This salad took 15 minutes to make. While the spring rolls and falafels were cooking I prepared the salad, then threw everything into a bowl with some dressing- BAM, deliciously filling salad!

This is what a lot of my meals have looked like this summer:

-lots of veggies, typically in a big salad bowl

-protein; vegan chick’n strips, falafel, crispy tofu, lentils, beans, or veggie burgers

-carb source; spring rolls, quinoa, or potatoes

-fat source; homemade dressing (5 minutes or less), avocado, or hummus

Nothing fancy, but incredibly filling and delicious. Sure it has processed foods, but it also has a lot of fresh vegetables. I’m not aiming for perfection here, just trying to hit all my bases while embracing my lazy!

Are you a lazy cook or fancy chef?


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