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A Little Bit About Me

Nicole Brazzale is a certified Personal Trainer through CanFitPro and a certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition.

She has been working with women on their health and fitness journey for the past decade both in person and online. She is passionate about women empowerment, believing strongly that women of all shapes and sizes are worthy and beautiful. She has been working at deconstructing toxic fitness and diet culture in her own life, and wants to help others do the same. She believes that movement, no matter how small, is healing and empowering. 

At Nicole Brazzale Coaching, we don't believe in weigh-ins, measurements, meal plans, before & after photos, or forcing our clients to do things they are not comfortable with. We take a client centered approach, in which our clients have complete autonomy over their bodies and what they do with them. We believe in educating our clients and allowing them to take an active part in their health journey.

Nicole is married with a family of boys; her 12 year old son, blue heeler Teddy, and Jonas the cat. She loves hiking, writing, and helping women unleash their inner badass.​

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