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I am currently for hire as a freelance writer specializing in blog posts and community magazines.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for almost a decade, specializing in lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition coaching for women between 25-75.

I have been an Associate Editor at The Valley Vibe since 2019, writing about community events, hiking, exploring, and health. 

Check out my writing on my Blog or here: (pg. 22) (pg. 9-11, 15, 18-19, 25) (pg. 7-9, 11, 14-15, 22-23)

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I work with women who might feel anxious or nervous working with a coach. They've been judged themselves their entire lives for being overweight, too sensitive, too emotional, and now that they're "middle aged" they don't want to feel this way anymore. 

I help women notice their thoughts, feelings, and patterns so that they can decide to change and grow. I work with my clients to help them define their goals and take action towards them, in a judge free and safe environment. 

Wether you're looking for fitness, nutrition, or life coaching, I can help you make the changes you've struggled to make.

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Nicole contributed regular articles to a blog I was managing and I loved how her work was always on-time and error free. Her writing has always been easy to read and understand, even when she talked about potentially complicated topics. 

Her expertise around lifestyle topics like nutrition and fitness showed through her blog articles, so much that I ended up personally hiring her as my personal training coach. I trusted in her expertise and she’s helped me strengthen my body to a point that my once painful day-to-day activities are more manageable and pain free.

The world needs more of Nicole’s expertise and I highly recommend her as a writer for any publication or project that could use her expertise and natural writing skills.

Ashley Doan

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Why online coaching?

  • Scheduling is a non-issue! You decide when to workout, and our check-ins will fit with your schedule.

  • Flexibility. We can tailor your workout program to fit your schedule; only have 20 minutes to workout? No problem! Your program is designed to fit your needs.

  • Ongoing support an accountability. Instead of having me for only an hour, we stay in contact throughout the week.

  • You workout when and where you want, no gym needed! I tailor your program to work for YOU.

  • It's cost effective. You're not paying an hourly coaching rate PLUS a gym membership, meaning you get better training at a fraction of the cost online.

  • Location isn't a factor. You can work with a coach anywhere in the world!