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Are you tired of being told to lose weight, eat a certain way, and stay small? Me too, and I’ve decided to say “Fuck that”...

Which is why, when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on creating my own studio to share with other women who are tired of the traditional fitness and health messaging, and feel intimidated by the typical gym setting. At Nicole Brazzale Coaching, our mission is to create a space that is uninitimating for women (and those identifying as women) to show up authentically and work on improving their relationship with their bodies. There is no obligation to lose weight or change your body (unless of course that is a goal of yours); instead, we focus on incorporating movement as a way to get back in tune with yourself on a physical and emotional level.

At Nicole Brazzale Coaching, you are in the driver's seat, which means that you get to decide what changes you’d like to incorporate into your life, while I help you facilitate those changes. My job is to help you navigate the areas in your life that you’d like to improve or change, and we do that through forming sustainable habits that are intended to build you up, help you stand in your power, and take up the space you deserve. 

Through personalized one-on-one or small group coaching, we’re here to help you achieve your goals, no matter how small they may seem. We want you to feel welcomed, acknowledged, and appreciated. We know how hard you work for everyone else around you, this is the space for you to focus on yourself. Utilizing functional strength training, kickboxing, mindfulness, and habit stacking, with you in the driver's seat, we help you move more efficiently and foster a sense of body neutrality. We are an anti-diet studio and we aim to lead with empathy and love; we’re in your corner to push, cheer, and support you on your journey.

Nicole Brazzale is a certified Personal Trainer through CanFitPro and a certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition. She has been working with women on their health and fitness journey for the past 8 years both in person and online. She is passionate about women empowerment, believing strongly that women of all shapes and sizes are worthy and beautiful. Nicole is married with a family of boys; her 12 year old son, blue heeler Teddy, and Jonas the cat. She loves hiking, writing, and helping women unleash their inner badass.

We invite you in for a free session; this will give you an opportunity to check out the space, meet me (and Ted), and decide if this is the right space for you! Click the link below to book your Free Session, we’re incredibly excited to meet you! Please note that this is a dog friendly studio and Teddy spends most of his time supervising the workouts.

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Nicole's expertise around lifestyle topics like nutrition and fitness showed through her blog articles, so much that I ended up personally hiring her as my personal training coach. I trusted in her expertise and she’s helped me strengthen my body to a point that my once painful day-to-day activities are more manageable and pain free.

The world needs more of Nicole’s expertise and I highly recommend her!

Ashley Doan

WriterGal Marketing

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Why online coaching?

  • Scheduling is a non-issue! You decide when to workout, and our check-ins will fit with your schedule.

  • Flexibility. We can tailor your workout program to fit your schedule; only have 20 minutes to workout? No problem! Your program is designed to fit your needs.

  • Ongoing support an accountability. Instead of having me for only an hour, we stay in contact throughout the week.

  • You workout when and where you want, no gym needed! I tailor your program to work for YOU.

  • It's cost effective. You're not paying an hourly coaching rate PLUS a gym membership, meaning you get better training at a fraction of the cost online.

  • Location isn't a factor. You can work with a coach anywhere in the world!

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