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Why you need to STOP relying on motivation in 2019!

Hey gorgeous,

It's the start of a new week, the first full week of 2019 to be exact! How are things going? I know today is the first day back to reality after the holidays, so I wanted to drop in and share a story with you about why you need to find something deeper than motivation, if you want to achieve your goals.

My car broke down last week; because of the holidays, we weren't able to look at it until this weekend. We spent the better part of Sunday trying to fix my car (it's still not working and I've called a mechanic to get it checked out). 

Now, Sunday is my day to prepare for the week ahead. My husband and I go to the gym, grocery shop, meal prep, tidy the house, and plan for the week. It's a jam packed day normally! We finished at the gym and got our grocery shopping done before starting on the car (what we thought would be an easy fix, haha). Needless to say, once we threw in the towel and I remembered that I still needed to meal prep, I was extremely unmotivated; hell NO did I want to spend an hour or two in the kitchen.

If I had relied on motivation to get my meal prep done, I wouldn't have done it! I didn't want to prep after all that craziness.

BUT, I know that it is necessary, for various reasons: -We're saving money right now, which means that the food I buy is the food we eat; we need lunches. -I know that I feel best when I eat food that I've cooked. I'm tired of feeling blah from all the holiday food. -My husband and I both have goals that we want to achieve, and meal prep is absolutely necessary to achieving those goals. -It's apart of my routine. Sunday=meal prep.

It's not about waiting for motivation to push you forward; it's about doing what you need to do, to live the life you want to live. Creating a lifestyle that aligns with your desires.

We have the ability to control the choices that we make, which means that we have a fair amount of control over the consequences of those choices. 

Your results are caused by your actions (or inactions).

So, the next time you're feeling unmotivated to exercise or prep and eat healthy foods, consider why you want to do those things in the first place.

Ask yourself WHAT you want to achieve, WHY you want to achieve them, and HOW you're going to feel once you're there. Make sure you believe 100% in those goals, because they're what will move you forward.

Create the lifestyle, live the dream.


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