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This Temporary New Normal

This is our new normal, a series of good days, easy days, slow days, sad days, angry days, anxiety days. The normal ebb and flow of the unknown. 

While I firmly believe that we can control our effort and our attitude, some days just suck no matter what you do. Some days it feels like your head is stuck in the greyest of grey clouds. When you look outside you can see the sun shining, but you still feel dark and heavy.

Noticing what happened during the day, what I could do better helps. I try to reflect and improve each day. Constantly learning.  

Today I felt like I did it all. Started with my energy work, yoga, workout, 11km in walking, listened to podcasts, and filled my brain with good stuff. I did scroll social media more than I would like, and I played a lot of Zelda. I talked to friends and family. 

I still want to cry, again. 

This is a season that has pushed me to my mental and emotional limits, even before the virus. I was barely hanging on before, and I was already exhausted. Now we’re navigating this temporary new normal of working from home, homeschooling, on top of all the responsibilities that still exist. 

So, it’s okay to have shitty days. It’s okay to want to give up. It’s okay to be unproductive and cry. 

It’s also okay to kick ass, to get shit done, to grow or start a business, to learn something new.

It’s all great, because it’s whatever works best for you right now. 

Things I’m doing to help transition into this temporary new normal:

1) I am staying consistent with getting up an hour before my family to meditate, write, read, and drink my coffee in silence. This morning my alarm went off and I went back to bed, set my alarm for an hour from then, and closed my eyes. Only to open them 5 minutes later and get out of bed. 

I had a conversation that I’ve had with myself many times before; going back to sleep will make me feel worse because I won’t get my needed alone time before the day starts. Sometimes we need to be temporarily uncomfortable for future gains. 

2) I’m moving my body on the daily. Yesterday, I didn’t want to do the yoga class I committed to. I seriously considered not showing up; it’s over video so no one would really notice, right? Wrong. I showed up and it was tough. My mental chatter was LOUD, my body didn’t want to relax, and I struggled through it. I filmed a workout I had planned, even though I didn’t want to. I also walked 11km to hit my Apple Watch goal for March.

And I still didn’t feel better. It didn’t change my mood, I still felt like crap. But I did it, I showed up, and sometimes that’s the most important thing.

I also fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow, which is also a great thing these days.

If you'd like to join me for a workout, I'm hosting 30 minute LIVE classes on Wednesday and Thursday at 11am PST!

3) I’m talking to my friends multiple times a day. We send stupid memes to each other in attempts to laugh, we vent about what’s going on, we support each other if someone is having a rough day. We’re there for each other, even though we aren’t physically close, it’s amazing knowing that you can reach out when you need to. 

4) I’m disconnecting from work, family, and the world. I bought myself a Nintendo Switch Lite and my favourite game Zelda. I have been humming and hawing about this for months, but always reminded myself that I didn’t have time to play a game, but, as my lovely friend reminded me, it was a mental health investment. I need to disconnect, and I can’t do that on my phone, because I automatically go on social media. I’d love to read books, but I get so distracted reading during the day. 

Playing a video game, while they aren’t my favourite things, has helped me disconnect and focus on something else, which has been a huge blessing during this time. 

5) I’m laughing, loudly, wholeheartedly, and as often as I can. I’m doing my best to fully experience the laughter, feeling it throughout my body. Laughing helps. 

6) Drinking water and eating nutritious foods. Honestly, this is more of an “I’m trying to do it but am definitely not perfect” tip. I’m still drinking water because it’s ingrained in me now, but some days I’m definitely not great at eating enough of the good stuff (fruits and veggies), and I notice that I don’t feel as good on those days. 

7) Getting outside at least once, if not multiple, times a day. Going for a walk with the family, noticing the seasons change before our eyes, the humming birds wizzing by, and the frogs croaking at dusk. Breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the slowness. The forest, ocean, and mountains have always been my refuge, now even more.

These are just some of the things that I’m trying to do right now and always, because I know that when I do, I feel my best. I’m not perfect and I’m giving myself a lot of grace these days, because I know that it’s okay to feel like shit sometimes. I’m choosing to show up for myself even on the days it doesn’t make me feel any better, because I know that these seemingly small things have the potential to make a huge difference. 

Take what you need from the list, but please don’t beat yourself up for not doing any or all of these things, or having your own list completely. We are all in this together, but we all manage stress and change differently. 

If you feel like you need more support navigating these exceptional times, please reach out to me at It is my passion, my mission, to be of service to you, and I do that through coaching. Thankfully technology makes it so I can help remotely!

I’d also love to know- what are you doing during these exceptional times to show up as your best self? How are you doing?

Sending you love, strength, and joy.


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